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Excellent for someone studying English for army reasons, international nationals operating with English- talking army group of workers, and civilian pros operating with army debts, this reference presents updated definitions of greater than 6,000 American, British, and overseas army phrases. subject matters comprise strategies, guns, instructions, equipment, army body of workers, maneuvers, and geographical vocabulary.

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Kitbag, bivvy bivvy bag sleeping-bag BK / bi ke/ noun a second in command of a battery ć The BK has been killed. Full form battery kapitan BL-755 / bi el sev(ə)n fav fav/ noun a British-designed cluster bomb black /bl k/ ˽ go black US to exhaust your ammunition ć our recon platoon has gone black Blackbird / bl kb d/ noun ‘ SR-71 Blackhawk / bl khɔ k/ noun an American-designed UH-60 utility/transport helicopter Blackjack / bl kd k/ noun a NATO name for the Soviet-designed TU-160 strategic bomber aircraft black market / bl k mɑ kt/ noun an illicit trade in articles which are illegal, rationed or difficult to obtain, usually at a considerable profit ć Respirators and NBC suits are fetching very high prices on the black market.

2. ˽ in block capitals written entirely in capital letters ć this form should be completed in block capitals capitalism / k pt(ə)lz(ə)m/ noun an economic system involving investment and profit-making by private individuals. Compare communism capitalist / k pt(ə)lst/ adjective favouring capitalism í noun someone who favours capitalism capital punishment / k pt(ə)l p nʃmən(ə)t/ noun the execution of a convicted criminal capitulate /kə ptjυlet/ verb to stop fighting and acknowledge the supremacy of an enemy.

British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) obsolete title for British ground forces stationed in Germany British Army of the Rhine / brtʃ ɑ mi əv ðə rn/ noun an obsolete title for British ground forces stationed in Germany. Abbr BAOR brook /brυk/ noun a small stream BSM abbreviation battery sergeant major BTR / bi ti ɑ / noun a Soviet series of wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs) BTR-60 noun a 1960s-era APC BTR-80 noun a 1980s-era APC BTR-90 noun a 1990s-era APC Bty abbreviation battery bubonic plague /bju bɒnk ple / noun same as plague buckshee / b kʃi / adjective spare (and usually acquired unofficially or illegally) (slang) ć I’ve got a buckshee sleeping-bag.

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