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The dept of protection Dictionary of army and linked phrases (short name: Joint Pub 1-02 or JP 1-02) units forth typical US army and linked terminology to surround the joint task of the militia of the U.S. in either US joint and allied joint operations, in addition to to surround the dept of safety (DOD) as a complete. those army and linked phrases, including their definitions, represent licensed DOD terminology for basic use through all elements of the dept of safeguard. The Secretary of protection, by means of DOD Directive 5025.12, 23 August 1989, Standardization of army and linked Terminology, has directed using JP 1-02 during the division of safeguard to make sure standardization of army and linked terminology.

Основное назначение этого издания - чтобы всякие там отсталые союзники правильно понимали, что там им командует их сюзерен, ну а нам тоже пригодится.
Вся военная терминология, толковый словарь понятий военной тематики, аббревиатуры и сокращения...
Короче говоря, все то, без чего очень трудно сделать нормальный перевод, а иногда и просто понять о чем идет речь при изучении иностранной военной литературы. Читая переводные книги, иной раз не знаешь - смеяться, или плакать, переводчики додумывают то, чего не понимают. Лучше первоисточники читать, но обычного курса английского (если только не закончил Институт Военных Переводчиков), ой, не хватает.
Так что восполняем пробелы и читаем в оригинале.

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Authenticator — A symbol or group of symbols, or a series of bits, selected or automatic data processing — 1. Data derived in a prearranged manner and processing largely performed by automatic usually inserted at a predetermined point means. 2. That branch of science and within a message or transmission for the technology concerned with methods and purpose of attesting to the validity of the techniques relating to data processing message or transmission. largely performed by automatic means. autocode format — An abbreviated and automatic flight control system — (*) A formatted message header used in system which includes all equipment to conjunction with the mobile cryptologic control automatically the flight of an aircraft 42 JP 1-02 As Amended Through 23 January 2002 or missile to a path or attitude described by autonomous operation — In air defense, the references internal or external to the aircraft mode of operation assumed by a unit after or missile.

Designed to protect a communications AIT integration with logistic information system against acceptance of a fraudulent systems is key to the Department of transmission or simulation by establishing Defense’s TAV efforts. Also called AIT. the validity of a transmission, message, or See also total asset visibility. 8) originator. 2. A means of identifying individuals and verifying their eligibility to automatic approach and landing — A receive specific categories of information. control mode in which the aircraft’s speed 3.

Apogee — The point at which a missile apportionment (air) — The determination trajectory or a satellite orbit is farthest from and assignment of the total expected effort the center of the gravitational field of the by percentage and/or by priority that should controlling body or bodies. be devoted to the various air operations for a given period of time. Also called air apparent horizon — (*) The visible line of apportionment. See also apportionment. demarcation between land/sea and sky. (JP 3-0) apparent precession — (*) The apparent approach clearance — Authorization for a deflection of the gyro axis, relative to the pilot conducting flight in accordance with Earth, due to the rotating effect of the Earth instrument flight rules to commence an and not due to any applied force.

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