By Gail Stein

Master French in precisely one day

When time is of the essence, belief Countdown to French to support readers grasp the language quick and successfully. prepared into 24 units--each of that's designed to take not more than one hour to study--this self-instruction publication provides fabric in a "countdown" type, from Hour 24 right down to zero, permitting beginners to gauge their development alongside the way.

Beginning with a simple advent of grammar and vocabulary basics, the devices circulate speedy to useful conversational abilities for either holiday and enterprise tourists. Upon of completion of the guide--the similar of only one day--readers wanting to practice their newly honed language talents should be capable of speak in quite a few daily, real-world occasions.

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Do you like the summer? Je préfère le rouge. I prefer red. But: Il peint la cuisine en blanc. He’s painting the kitchen white. • With dates: C’est le six mai. ) • With most geographical names: La France est belle. ) • To express a, an, or per with weights and measures: Elle paie six dollars la douzaine. ) • With common expressions of time or place: le soir (in the evening), la semaine prochaine (next week), la maison (at home): Il travaille le matin. ) Indefinite Articles The indefinite article refers to persons and objects not specifically identified: a dog, some cats.

The asterisk (*) points out easily recognizable cognates. *accomplir (ah-kohN-pleer), to accomplish agir (ah-zheer), to act 34 03 (029-046) chapter 2200 7/18/03 12:09 Page 35 22:00 • WORKING WITH PRESENT-TENSE VERBS avertir (ah-vehr-teer), to warn *établir (ay-tah-bleer), to establish *finir (fee-neer), to finish guérir (gay-reer), to cure jouir (de) (zhoo-eer [duh]), to enjoy *punir (pew-neer), to punish réfléchir (ray-flay-sheer), to reflect, think remplir (rahN-pleer), to fill (up/out) Conjugating -re Verbs.

That artist (female) is gifted. Gender-Changing Singular Nouns Changing the gender of a noun can be as easy as adding an e to the masculine form to get the feminine form: ami (ah-mee) amie (ah-mee) friend cousin (koo-zaN) cousine (koo-zeen) cousin employé (ahN-plwah-yay) employée (ahN-plwah-yay) employee étudiant (ay-tewd-yahN) étudiante (ay-tewd-yahNt) student Français (frahN-seh) Française (frahN-sehz) French person voisin (vwah-zaN) voisine (vwah-zeen) neighbor Some nouns may be masculine or feminine depending upon their meaning: le critique (critic) la critique (criticism) kree-teek le livre (book) la livre (pound) leevr le mémoire (report) la mémoire (memory) may-mwahr le mode (method) la mode (fashion) mohd le poste (job) la poste (post office) pohst le tour (tour) la tour (tower) toor Some nouns are always masculine or feminine no matter the sex of the person to whom you are referring: 20 02 (015-028) chapter 2300 7/18/03 12:09 Page 21 23:00 • RECOGNIZING AND USING NOUNS Always Masculine FRENCH PRONUNCIATION MEANING bébé bay-bay baby chef shehf chef, head docteur dohk-tuhr doctor écrivain ay-kree-vaN writer ingenieur aN-zhay-nyuhr engineer médecin mayd-saN doctor peintre paNtr painter pompier pohN-pyeh firefighter professeur proh-feh-suhr teacher FRENCH PRONUNCIATION MEANING connaissance koh-neh-sahNs acquaintance personne pehr-sohn person star stahr star vedette vuh-deht star Always Feminine Gender Endings Some masculine noun endings (usually referring to professions) have a corresponding feminine ending.

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