By Einar Bardal

Corrosion and Prevention is a necessary consultant for mechanical, marine and civil engineering scholars and likewise offers a necessary reference for practising engineers. Bardal combines an outline of sensible corrosion techniques and issues of a theoretical rationalization of many of the forms and types of corrosion, with a critical emphasis at the connections among functional difficulties and simple medical rules. This good thought-out creation to corrosion technological know-how, with first-class examples and precious tables, can also be tremendous good illustrated with 167 diagrams and pictures. Readers with a constrained history in chemistry may also locate it obtainable.

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Thermodynamics – Equilibrium Potentials 21 This reaction equation is of the same form as the metal reaction equations we have considered (Cu and Zn reactions). For the hydrogen electrode we need, however, a metal as a base for the reaction. Platinum is the metal usually applied for this purpose, for one thing because of its noble and corrosion resistant character. Pt does not take part in the reaction itself, but serves as an electron conductor and base for electron transfer. 8. The electrode is called a standard hydrogen electrode (SHE).

Die Korrosion der Metalle. Berlin–Heidelberg–New York: Springer-Verlag, 1966. 4 Scully JC. The Fundamentals of Corrosion, 3rd Ed. Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1990. 5 Shreir LL, Jarman RA, Burstein GT. Corrosion, Vol. 1, 3rd Ed. Oxford: Butterworth–Heinemann, 1994. 6 Uhlig HH. Corrosion and Corrosion Control. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1971. Electrode Kinetics 51 EXERCISES 1. In what range of potential may a metal surface corrode? 2. What is wrong with the following statement: “In a corrosion process, the sum of the numerical values of the anodic and cathodic overvoltages is considerably larger than the difference between the equilibrium potentials of the actual cathodic and anodic reactions”?

The Pourbaix diagram is a graphical representation of Nernst’s equation for the various reactions. 10. Here, an activity of ferrous ions, a 2+ , = 10-6 is presumed. This order of magnitude is Fe assumed to be a realistic lower level of a Fe 2+ for situations where corrosion is of practical significance. 10. For the reactions e) and f) gas pressures ( Po 2 and PH ) of 1 atm have been 2 presumed. The background and significance of the lines in the Pourbaix diagrams are now considered clear, but the regions between the lines are equally important.

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