By Govindraj Venkatachalam

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In Alfred Hitchcock’s To trap a Thief , a seashore lodge was once the surroundings for thievery and intrigue. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tap-danced their solution to reputation at a Brighton inn in The homosexual Divorcee . The seashore inn has constantly held a distinct fascination, a spot of containment and relaxation that has a distinct shape within the actual panorama: towering resorts, shop-lined boardwalks, and sprawling shorelines.


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This ebook has its starting place in a path on 'Virtues' given by way of Yves R. Simon within the Committee on Social notion on the college of Chicago within the fall region of 1957.

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My maximum debt within the writing of this ebook is to my instructor Dr. Ulrich Middeldorf, who taught me the technique of analysis in paintings historical past, and who guided my experiences of artwork conception and feedback. This research, which in an past shape was once accredited as a doctoral dissertation by way of the college of Chicago, was once all started less than Dr.

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Experience of space is the foundation and framework of all our knowledge of the spatio-temporal world. Abstract thought by its very nature is an attempt to transcend this framework and create planes of experience, which are at once less directly dependent on the immediacy of spatio-temporal experience and more organised. Abstract thought is concerned with the principles of order underlying the 30 The social logic of space spatio-temporal world and these, by definition, are not given to immediate experience.

The duality of inside mapping ideology and outside mapping transactional politics, is Introduction 21 only the case insofar as the system is considered as a local-toglobal phenomenon - that is, insofar as it constructs a global pattern from the inter-relations of the basic units. Insofar as a society is also a global-to-local phenomenon - that is, insofar as there is a distinct global structure over and above the level of everyday interaction - then the logic of the system reverses itself. One set of spaces is produced whose purpose is to define an ideological landscape through its exterior, and another set whose purpose is to produce and control a global politics through its interior; essentially, shrines of various kinds and meeting places of various kinds are the first specialised structures of the global formations of a society.

They are, it is true, always a set of primary cells (houses, etc), but there is also a continuous structure of open space, sometimes regular, sometimes irregular, sometimes forming rings, sometimes treelike, which is not easily decomposable into elements for the purpose of analysis. The problem of analysing settlements is the problem of analysing this continuous space and how it is related to other elements. This problem preoccupied us for a long time, but as had often happened, the eventual answer was lying in what had already been formulated, in the nature of 'beads' and 'strings'.

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