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In the development of the gas turbine achieving useful net power required the steps of maximizing the efficiencies of both the compressor and the turbine. Freeing fusion research from the goal of achieving ignition and substituting the long-range goal of achieving net power allows the consideration of a much wider range of possible systems, while at the same time reducing the requirements on the most intractable part of magnetic fusion research, that of extending the confinement time up to the limit .

Of the plot is proportional to plasma density. The parameter plotted on the abscissa, from the theory, is Figure 2. Landau-damping stabilization of ion-cyclotron mode in the Livermore Baseball I experiment: comparison between experiment and theory. Page 15 Figure 3. Plasma density buildup vs time in Livermore 2XII experiment showing stabilization of velocity-space instabilities by injecting a plasma stream. proportional to the product of the plasma potential (determines the peak energy of the electrons producing the Landau damping) and the square of the wave number of the unstable mode.

Firstly, the wealth of fusion concepts presented at that meeting demonstrated that fusion is not a static science, but it is an evolving discipline where creativity and innovation are as much ingredients to achieve energy from fusion as engineering and technology are. Secondly, we demonstrated that a balanced approach to fusion is the most appropriate way to deal with this challenge, rather than concentrating the effort in one or perhaps two lines of research, because the risk of failure is thus greatly reduced.

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