By Alexander Kent

Falmouth, September 1803: As Bolitho faces the bleak truth of conflict at shut quarters, he'll be referred to as upon to expect the thoughts of the French fleet. however the clash has additionally taken on a private observe, reviving his vendetta with the French Admiral, Jobert, who as soon as commanded the Argonaute.

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Keen sounded exasperated. “Call away the gig. ” He took a glass from the midshipman-of-the-watch and trained it on the drifting transport. Half to himself he said, “I have already had words with my carpenter, Sir Richard. ” COLOURS A LOF T! 35 Bolitho raised his own telescope and studied the other vessel. Her decks seemed to be full of people, crew or convicts it was impossible to tell. ” Keen lowered his glass and looked at him. ” He sounded uneasy. “Some of their people are drinking. ” The gig and then a cutter were lowered alongside while the flagship came into the wind and lay hove-to, her reefed canvas flapping wetly in the spray.

He had rarely seen Keen angry, but this was different, protective. He said, “She will have to be put ashore once we anchor. It is only a temporary solution, but I think I can arrange it. From what she has told me and what was left unsaid, I believe there is some hope, if only—” 54 COLOURS A LOF T! He broke off as Keen exclaimed, “I can write to my cousin in the City of London. I am sure we can—” He turned and looked at Bolitho, his eyes steady. “It was good of you, sir. ” Bolitho poured two glasses of brandy and guessed that Ozzard was pressed against his pantry shutter.

Well, no, sir. I thought it best to leave her with the surgeon until she recovers. You should have seen the whip, the size of the man who struck her—” Bolitho was thinking aloud. “She will have to be cared for by another woman. I did consider Inch’s ship after your suggestion, but I’m not sure. Officers’ wives and a girl sentenced to transportation, though for what crime we cannot yet know. ” Keen said, “It is good of you to take the trouble, sir. If I had only known—” Bolitho smiled gravely. ” Feet thudded overhead and blocks squealed as the officer-ofthe-watch yelled for the braces to be manned.

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