By Chris Hedges, Laila Al-Arian

Collateral Damage brings jointly testimony from the most important variety of at the list, named, strive against veterans who exhibit the worrying, day-by-day fact of battle and profession in Iraq.
Through their eyes, we learn the way the mechanics of battle bring about the abuse and common killing of innocents. They describe convoys of automobiles roaring down roads, smashing into vehicles, and hitting Iraqi civilians. They element raids that depart households shot useless within the mayhem. they usually describe a battlefield within which troops, untrained to tell apart among fighters and civilians, are approved to shoot at any time when they believe threatened.

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Nearly all of the buildings had bullet pocks. Out in front of the Xua Honda shop, a child sold red gasoline in wine bottles neatly lined up on a small folding table. In the early mornings, when there was sufficient mist to blur the outlines, and the church bell was ringing, the village was almost attractive, but at any other time it was not. The old administration building was supposedly the seat of district civil government. It had a two-story tower of leprous stucco in the center with mismatched one-story appendages to either side, scarred by age, stray bullets, and mold.

Kit saw his name on the roster destined for overseas shipment. The Paris Peace Talks had done nothing. Now he feared only that his resolve to go AWOL would disappear, and he would obey the orders after all. Then, suddenly one day, he was called to headquarters by a major and told that his application to be an officer had, by some process of military mysticism, been approved. He was dumbfounded. paled beside the best part, which was that he would have to take three more months of training stateside.

Something had gone wrong with all of the things that were supposed to arrange for the defense of Firebase Touch-hole. Touchhole was a lonely little place, Mown out of the jungle just months before. It had forty men and six guns. Not much. When the fighting started in the late afternoon Starret saw some of his men killed, a sight that enraged him, and he fired madly into the trees with the others. No one seemed to have a good idea where the little bastards were. The artillery fired wildly. Starret and the rest of his men fired.

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