By John Tabak

Coal and oil are of the world's most vital resources of basic power. A multi-trillion greenback infrastructure has been created to find, produce, delivery, method, and burn coal and oil. This infrastructure has made smooth existence attainable. This booklet describes the historical past of those assets of power.

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Today far fewer (continued on page 46) 40 COAL AND OIL An Interview with Charlene Marshall on the Human Costs of Coal C harlene Marshall is a lifelong resident of Monongalia, West Virginia, and is a graduate of the segregation-era public school system. She attended Bluefield State College and was married to the late Rogers Marshall. They had three children. For 15 years she worked at Sterling Faucet in Morgantown, where she was active in the union, serving as recording secretary for Steelworkers Local 6214.

This process is called coalification. Geochemistry and Geology 27 Because coal deposits are formed at different times and subjected to different degrees of heat and pressure, the coalification process proceeds at different rates for different deposits. The degree of coalification is used to classify coals. The least transformed deposits—that is, the deposits that are most similar to the peat from which they formed—are called lignite, also known as brown coal. As the rank increases, so does the percentage of fixed carbon.

For those individuals (who aren’t aware), there should be a way to make them know about what they are receiving and at the cost that they’re receiving it. It sort of irritates me because they think of these individual (miners) as being just—I guess so many times they’re belittled in such a way. I know that some of these individuals—if they were fortunate enough to escape accidents, fortunate enough to work a number of years in the mines and come out and be able to retire—some of them have had good lives.

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