By George A. Kennedy

This up-to-date version lines the culture of classical rhetoric in the course of the a long time, from its improvement in historical Greece and Rome, via its continuation and adaption in Europe and the USA and during the Middles a long time and Renaissance, to its enduring value within the twentieth century.

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Isocrates’ view that speech was the basis of leadership in society made it the study par excellence of the free citizen, and thus the primary liberal art. Only in the eighteenth century was the curriculum broadened to include higher mathematics and science; and the social sciences, including history, were not systematically taught in schools or colleges until the nineteenth century. , relatively early in his long career as a teacher. A number of later speeches, including Areopagiticus and Panathenaicus, resemble it, but are less successful.

The minimum size of an Athenian jury was 201 members, in important cases, 501, and even more in some cases. The procedure in court consisted primarily of a speech by the plainti√ and a reply by the defendant, each in the form of a continuous address to the jury. Sometimes there were two speeches by each. Evidence of witnesses was taken down in writing before the trial and read out in court. The whole procedure assumed that an ordinary citizen was competent to prosecute or defend a case, but a person with no previous experience in public speaking might find it di≈cult to address a large jury, explain the case clearly, and persuade the jury of the justice of the speaker’s side of the issue.

A series of political changes took place over a period of more than two hundred years from monarchical to aristocratic and finally to democratic government. Athenian democracy assumed the active participation of adult male citizens in the deliberative assembly and the lawcourts. Any male citizen could speak in the assembly, which resembled a very large town meeting, but there was no requirement that anyone speak there. In the lawcourts, however, men involved in litigation or accused of a crime were normally expected to speak on their own behalf.

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