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"Volume 25 introduces tools for the education of carbyne and addresses theoretical matters; discusses carbyne houses, spectroscopy, and chemical and crystal constitution; explains using x-ray and neutron scattering for the structural assessment of carbonaceous fabrics; and more."

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Cooperative Phenomena in Jahn—Teller Crystals

This booklet by means of Kaplan and Vekhter brings jointly the molecular global of the chemist with the condensed subject international of the physicist. sooner than the cave in of the Soviet Union, chemists within the West committed lit­ to relationships among molecular digital constitution and tle realization solid-state vibronic phenomena.

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The first attempt to synthesize chainlike carbon was made by A. von Baeyer [13] as long ago as 1885. However, in the framework of the stepwise synthetic procedure employed by Baeyer, he did not succeed in isolating even tetraacetylene, which is extremely unstable. The instability of the lower polyynes led Baeyer to develop a strain theory, in which he postulated the impossibility of preparing chainlike carbon. Baeyer's reputation dampened the interest of scientists in the synthesis of polyynes for a long time.

Apart from a commonly used Hubbard term of Coulomb interaction on the same site [41], the Hamiltonian also includes the exchange interaction of different p-electrons (px and py) on the same atom and on a neighboring one in the same and different p-orbitals. Moreover the alternation of bond length was also taken into account. As a solution of the problem the SDW, CDW, and Peierls' ordering was obtained. The authors found that the wave phases in orthogonal px- and py-systems can be both in phase and out of phase [29,30].

Dubinin Radiation Damage in Graphite W. N. Reynolds Adsorption from Solution by Graphite Surfaces A. C. Zettlemoyer and K. S. Narayan Electronic Transport in Pyrolytic Graphite and Boron Alloys of Pyrolytic Graphite Claude A. Klein Page x Activated Diffusion of Gases in Molecular-sieve Materials P. L. , L. G. Austin, and S. P. Nandi Volume 3 Nonbasal Dislocations in Graphite J. M. Thomas and C. Roscoe Optical Studies of Carbon Sabri Ergun Action of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide above 100 Millibars on "Pure" Carbon F.

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