By Andrew J. Pierre

This paintings seems on the impct of guns purchases at the critical recipient areas and the chances for local palms keep watch over and dissects the economics of palms export for the manufacturer international locations in either the constructing and industrialized worlds. The booklet completely discusses the possibilities for, and stumbling blocks to, attaining multilateral hands restraint within the Nineteen Nineties.

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Hiroshima can now be achieved with non-nuclear arms. Fourth, these high-technology weaponsadvanced combat aircraft, electronic warfare technology, longer range and accurate missiles, smart munitions and quiet submarinesare becoming more diffused and are rapidly appearing in the arsenals of a growing number of countries. The dangers this poses are coming to be recognized not only by American military leaders, but also by those in the other major arms-supplying countries. Military professionals have warned that some of the arms supplied could boomerang and one day be aimed against the military forces of the very country that originally provided the weapons.

P. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ) 1. Defense industries. 2. Arms transfers. 3. Arms control. I. Pierre, Andrew J. 48-1984 Page v CONTENTS Foreword ix Acknowledgements xi 1. Introduction Andrew J. The Subterranean Arms Trade: Black-Market Sales, Covert Operations and Ethnic Warfare Michael T. Klare 43 Part Two: The Changing Economics of Arms Production and Sales 4. Advanced Industrialized Countries Ethan B. Kapstein 75 5. Developing Countries Andrew L. Ross 89 Part Three: Arms Sales Policies and Practices of Major Suppliers 6.

12 Prior to the Gulf War, European companies were somewhat successful in selling lightweight and medium utility helicopters (table 2-2)the great majority of these helicopter sales have involved utility helicopters. S. S. S. attack helicopters in the war against Iraq, many countries have investigated the possibility of purchasing the AH-64 Apache or the AH-1 Cobra. S. companies are likely to dominate the specialized attack helicopters product sector. The number of these units sold is likely to be restricted by their cost and complexity.

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