By Placido Neri, Jonathan L. Sessler, Mei-Xiang Wang

Contributions that includes the chemistry and functions of a kin of macrocyclic compounds jointly often called 'calixarenes' are awarded during this edited quantity. The arsenal of buildings according to calixarenes presents instruments that are potent in several components of supramolecular chemistry. The Editors have compiled a well timed quantity which incorporates modern, excessive calibre contributions from plenty of overseas authors. A wide standpoint at the growth and way forward for calixarene chemistry is gifted. aimed toward scholars and researchers energetic in Supramolecular Chemistry.

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6b) [27]. Another example is the dimeric capsule (L-26a)2 that is made of simple amino acids connected using the Mannich reaction to the resorcin[4]arene scaffold [28]. Capsule (L-26a)2 utilizes self-complementarity of ionic hydrogen bonds between amine and carboxylate groups. , of alanine or phenylalanine) are positioned at the outer surface of the capsule that renders the capsule hydrophobic. In hydrophobic environment, the ionic hydrogen bonds are strong and therefore the capsule is highly stable.

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