By Norman W. Schur, Richard Ehrlich, Eugene H. Ehrlich, Eugene H. Ehrlich

A conscientiously researched, wickedly witty, and eminently helpful number of over 5,000 Briticisms (and Americanisms).

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A large, lightly smoked herring or mackerel 2. n. derog. A fat person see comment block, n. large building A block of flats is an apartment house; an office block is an office building; a tower block is a high rise. In America, block is used to describe an area, usually rectangular, bounded by four streets. In the next block, to a Briton, would mean in the next apartment house or office building. In giving directions, the British equivalent would be beyond the next turning. It appears, however, that the influence of American visi- blot one’s copybook 35 tors is having an increasing effect in bringing block, in the American sense, into British usage.

1. see comment 2. trailer truck 1. Slang. The old sixpence. A. 2. Slang. Synonymous with artic, short slang for articulated lorry. bend the elbow, Slang. to have an alcoholic drink benefit Especially in the phrases on benefit, living on benefit, etc. , Slang. 29 1. crooked; dishonest 2. homosexual be quiet! interj. Inf. keep still! ’ berk, n. approx. Slang. dope Slang. A fool who is also unpleasant. It is a shortening of Berkeley (pronounced Barkley), which is short for Berkeley Hunt, which is rhyming slang for cunt.

Lawn bowling A bowl (in the singular) in sports is a wooden ball not exactly spherical, or eccentrically weighted if spherical, so that it can be made to curve when rolling. , but the bowling-greens of Britain are as meticulously maintained as the putting greens at the best American golf clubs. box, n. 1. intersection area 2. Slang. idiot box 3. jock strap 1. Box, or junction box, is a British traffic term denoting the grid marked out at a street intersection (crossroads). One sees traffic signs reading do not enter box until your exit is clear—don’t start crossing at an intersection and get stuck in the middle, thus blocking traffic coming at right angles.

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