By Jay Bailey, James Bailey, David F. Ollis

Biochemical Engineering basics, 2/e, combines modern engineering technology with suitable organic techniques in a entire creation to biochemical engineering. The organic history supplied allows scholars to appreciate the most important difficulties in biochemical engineering and formulate potent strategies.

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N†dA ‡ @t c:s: ZZ ∑F z ˆ vz r…v ? n†dA ‡ c:s: @ @t ZZZ rvy dV (5-5b) rvz dV (5-5c) c:v: ZZZ c:v: When applying any or all of the above equations, it must be remembered that each term has a sign with respect to the positively defined x, y, and z directions. The determination of the sign of the surface integral should be considered with special care, as both the velocity component (vx ) and the scalar product (v  n) have signs. The combination of the proper sign associated with each of these terms will give the correct sense to the integral.

01667 L/sec. Please calculate (a) the total mass in the tank after 2 h and (b) the amount of sodium sulfate in the tank after 2 h. 22 Incompressible steady flow in the inlet between parallel plates is uniform, V0 ˆ 8 cm/s, while downstream, the flow develops into the parabolic profile vx ˆ az…z0 z†, where a is a constant. What is the maximum value of vx ? 23 An incompressible fluid flows past a flat plate, as in the figure below, with a uniform inlet profile and a polynomial exit profile   3h h3 y vx ˆ v0 where h ˆ 2 d Compute the volume flow Q across the top surface of the control volume.

24 A watertight bulkhead 22 ft high forms a temporary dam for some construction work. The top 12 ft behind the bulkhead consists of sea water with a density of 2 slugs/ft3, but the bottom 10 ft begin a mixture of mud and water can be considered a fluid of density 4 slugs/ft3. Calculate the total horizontal load per unit width and the location of the center of pressure measured from the bottom. 25 The circular gate ABC has a 1 m radius and is hinged at B. Neglecting atmospheric pressure, determine the force P just sufficient to keep the gate from opening when h ˆ 12 m.

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