By Bill Yenne

In exactly six days, the U.S. Strategic Air Forces replaced the process army offense in international conflict II. in the course of these six days, they introduced the most important bombing crusade of the conflict, losing approximately 10,000 lots of bombs in a rain of destruction that will take the skies again from the Nazis...
The Allies knew that in the event that they have been to invade Hitler's castle Europe, they'd need to wrest air superiority from the robust Luftwaffe.
The plan of the Unites States Strategic Air Forces used to be dicy. through the week of February twentieth, 1944--and joined via the RAF Bomber Command--the USAAF 8th and 15th Air strength bombers took in this important and very dicy venture. They ran the gauntlet of the main seriously defended air house on this planet to deal a loss of life blow to Germany's plane undefined, and made them pay with the planes already within the air. within the coming months, this massive Week could end up a figuring out consider the battle.
Both aspects have been dealt losses, and while the Allies might get better, harm to the Luftwaffe was once irreparable. hence sizeable Week grew to become the most very important episodes of global conflict II, and coincidentally, the most overlooked--until now.
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