By William D. Mounce

A well-reviewed and often-recommended grammar. No CD, however it isn't really precious.
New, up-to-date versions of the best-selling and most generally authorised textbook and workbook for studying biblical Greek William D. Mounce's fundamentals of Biblical Greek Grammar and its better half instrument fundamentals of Biblical Greek Workbook are through a ways the best-selling and most generally authorised textbooks for studying New testomony Greek. those very good instruments for learning New testomony Greek are actually even higher. because of suggestions from professors, the writer has made alterations to his fabric. for instance, a bankruptcy on clauses has been additional on the finish of the publication. The CD-ROM is now more straightforward to take advantage of and has much more info on it than the sooner version. The workbook has been considerably rewritten. approximately 50 percentage of the verses are new. they're shorter and extra fascinated about the grammar of the bankruptcy. positive factors comprise: - Best-selling Greek language textbook - alterations from the 1st version made in line with ten years of use -

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2. The gods bring both life and death to people. 3. Does man rule [over] the god? 4. Do you trust the opinions of men? 5. Do we judge our friends by [= by means of] the gifts? 6. Both men and gods wish to stop the war and to have peace. 7. Does the road lead to the island? 8. I am willing to wait, but I wish to leave. 9. Is justice destroyed by gifts? 10. Do the gifts of human beings persuade the god? 39 40 Lesson I 4. b. Make up some Greek sentences using the following words. Change the forms of the nouns and verbs.

Fill in the correct accents. 1. ἀγομαι 7. γραφει 2. ἀρχεσθαι 8. ἐθελομεν 3. βουλευεις 9. ἐρχεσθαι 4. ἀγομεθα 10. ἐχομεν 5. βουλεται 11. κρινετε 6. γιγνονται 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. λεγεται λειπουσι λυονται μενειν νομιζω 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. παιδευειν παυει πειθεσθαι πεμπομεθα πιστευομεν 2. , write out all the forms you have learned so far, in the order given; including infinitives) in the pres. act. -p. 1. ἄγω 4. ἔρχομαι 7. ἔχω 9. παύω 2. βούλομαι 5. γράφω 8. φέρω 10. πέμπω 3. γίγνομαι 6. λείπω Present Indicative Active and Middle-Passive of ‑ω Verbs 3.

Derived from λέγω): in LSJ one finds six long columns under the entry for λόγος. These have been condensed into the following ten items, to give an idea of the ways this word is used. 1. computation, reckoning, account 2. relation, correspondence, ratio, proportion 3. explanation, plea, case; statement of a theory, argument, thesis, reason, formula, law, rule of conduct 4. debate (internal): reason, abstract reasoning 5. continuous statement, narrative, story, speech 6. verbal expression, opposite to ἔργον; common talk, repute 7.

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