By N Pieroni; R I Facer; International Atomic Energy Agency

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5 to 2 years is needed for the NPIA to conclude its studies and make a recommendation to the government. Parallel with the development of policy and if advisable, the NPIA can also draft the required nuclear legislation, determine the structure of the regulatory bodies and the responsible authority for each aspect of regulation. Responsible Minister Director of Nuclear Power Implementation Agency Technical, Commercial and Policy Consultants Legal Regulatory and Legislative Team Public information and public consultation officer Electricity Market and Generation Mix Assessment Team Public Acceptance, Environmental Assessment, and Siting Team 4.

Project Quality Assurance/Quality Management manual Shortly following the CED, the utility should submit the project QA/QM manual to the regulatory body. The project QA/QM manual defines the procedures for quality execution of the work, project management structure, lines of authority, decision making and accountability, interface control between various disciplines of work and stages of construction. 4. Construction license The project work starts at the contract effective date. Site infrastructure work can begin immediately following CED.

Bid evaluation Expert Consulting Firm Technical Specification (Plant and fuel Cycle and Waste Management) Bid Evaluation Criteria (Importance of Technology, Price, Schedule, Commercial Terms, Penalties and Liabilities, Financing Cost, Electricity Cost, Technology Transfer and Localization) Bid evaluation should be carried out on the basis of the criteria stated in the bid specification. The process should be open and impartial. Expert local and international consultants should be engaged in the evaluation of the bids.

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