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T h e y found the analytical readout to be in the form of transient p e a k s with baseline resolution b e t w e e n s a m p l e s as illustrated in F i g . 1. E x p a n d i n g on his w o r k , Stewart et al. (1976) in the United States and Ruzicka and H a n s e n (1975) in D e n m a r k simultaneously modified the t e c h n i q u e . Their major d i s c o v e r y w a s that dispersion of the injected s a m p l e into the carrier stream could be induced by the flow p r o c e s s alone and did not require any m e c h a n i c a l assistance.

In the first c a s e , w h e r e the c o l u m n has a greater affinity for the interferences the c o l u m n is loaded and the valve is switched to the inject position. T h e sample is injected for a p r e d e t e r m i n e d t i m e period, allowing the carrier stream to elute the analyte.

J. Chromatog. 115, 2 5 9 - 2 6 1 . Small, H . , and Sole, J. (1976). In " T h e Theory and Practice of Ion Exchange" (M. ), pp. 32-1-32-10. Soc. Chem. , London. , and Stevens, T. S. (1975a). S. Patent 3,918,906. , and Stevens, T. S. (1975b). U . S . Patent 3,920,398. Small, H . , and Stevens, T. S. (1978). U . S . Patent 4,101,460. Small, H. Stevens, T. , and Bauman, W. C. (1975). Anal. Chem. 47(11), 1801-1809. Snyder, L. , and Kirkland, J. J. (1979). , p. 111. Wiley, New York. Stevens, T. , and Miller, T.

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