By Tim Dittmar

Audio Engineering 101 is a true global consultant for beginning out within the recording undefined. when you have the dream, the information, the track and the creativity yet don't recognize the place to begin, then this e-book is for you!

Filled with sensible suggestion on the best way to navigate the recording international, from an writer with first-hand, real-life adventure, Audio Engineering 101 can assist you reach the fascinating, yet difficult and complicated, song undefined.

Covering all you want to find out about the recording method, from the features of sound to a consultant to microphones to analog as opposed to electronic recording. Dittmar covers all of the fundamentals- gear, studio acoustics, the principals of EQ/ compression, track examples to paintings from and whilst and the way to exploit compression. FAQ's from execs offer you actual perception into the truth of lifestyles at the undefined.

* effortless to appreciate. a true beginner's track creation advisor. No event wanted!
* Covers points of audio frequently neglected: internships, humans abilities, jobs, and the paintings facet
* Geared in the direction of a person desirous to do track creation both as a pastime or capability profession direction
*Gives you perception into the method of song construction by means of unraveling the secret in the back of generating files * offers audio and video examples to counterpoint the textual content, so that you can pay attention and spot what's being discussed


"This beginner's advisor to audio engineering offers a transparent evaluation of the technology and artwork of sound recording and offers readers with foundational details for buying all started in audio engineering. starting with a dialogue of sound and common recording ideas, the paintings covers issues resembling microphones, blending consoles, sign processors, and sign stream, in addition to studio consultation techniques and optimization. Chapters comprise illustrations, suggestions, and checklists, and the textual content contains an extra part with questions and solutions from professionals."--Reference and study e-book News

About the Author
Tim Dittmar is a musician, recording and reside sound engineer, manufacturer, songwriter, and professor. Tim started his expert recording occupation in 1987 at Cedar Creek Recording studio in Austin, Texas. sooner than finding to Austin, Tim got an affiliate in Arts in Radio/TV creation from Del Mar Junior collage. He then spent a lot of the nineties traveling with a punk team, recording bands, and operating reside sound at the notorious sixth road at quite a few venues. He was once employed in 2000 as a professor and full-time school member at Austin neighborhood university the place he presently teaches Audio Engineering I, Audio Engineering IV, and the particular tasks type. Tim heads up the Technical facet of business song administration on the university. He has additionally been a returning lecturer on the college of Texas educating Audio construction and Audio for photo. Tim has labored in several studios in Austin, la and Chicago, compiling over three hundred album credit. Recording such artists because the outdated 97's, Voxtrot, Dynamite Boy, King Missile and the Murdocks. In 2008 he used to be invited to average a panel on the Tape Op convention in New Orleans the place he spoke on "The kingdom of Audio Education”. at the present, he owns and operates Las Olas Recording in Georgetown, Texas. He at present excursions and documents together with his spouse within the staff Annabella and will even be visible drumming with The Hearts & The Minds, Kristi Rae, and Everything's long past Green.

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