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The programme highlights the following strategies: • Maintain and improve the technical capacity of the human resources looking for safety in the nuclear facilities. • Investigate legal and technological aspects of radioactive waste management and disposal. • Update the legal framework for the nuclear industry in the country. • Maintain and strengthen the external radiological emergency programme of the Laguna Verde nuclear power plant. S. Administration’s 2001 National Energy Policy identified nuclear energy as a key component of the Nation’s energy mix.

In the March 2003 parliamentary elections, nuclear energy was not an important political issue. The Parliament accepted in May 2001 the decision in principle for deep geological disposal of spent nuclear fuel in Olkiluoto bedrock at, near TVO’s existing nuclear power plant site. TVO sent a call for bids to vendors at the end of September 2002 for the construction of a new nuclear power plant unit either at Olkiluoto or Loviisa. Bids are due in spring 2003 and the power plant type and the site will be selected by the end of 2003.

S. nuclear plants, oversight processes incorporate insights from quantitative risk analysis and experience. Heightened sensitivity to security since 9/11 has brought more resources and study to bear, both in the industry and by regulators. The continued demand for power and the improved economic and safety performance of nuclear plants over the past decade have caused licensees to renew their operating licenses for an additional 20 years. Since 2000, operating licenses for 10 reactors have been extended and applications to extend the licenses of approximately another 44 or more reactors are expected through 2006.

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