By Martha T. Roth

Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the collage of Chicago, quantity thirteen, Q edited by means of Martha T Roth xxiv + 332p (Oriental Institute, 1982)

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GTf. sa. AKA 53 iii 45 (Tigl. I). c) neck: ki kunukki ina li-ba-ni-ka taktar argu you put it like a seal around your neck bal = la-ba-nu Hh. [gu] = [la-ba-nu] = [jer]-'-a-nu ki4adi Hg. sa. dah = la-ba-nu Nabnitu Ebeling Parfiimrez. pl. ) 7, see Or. NS 22 33 E 194ff. ah : la-ba-an-4u tiq (see etequ B) CT 17 10:49f. g6 : i-na la-ba-ni-u-nu Ebeling Wagenpferde p. 37 Ko r. 1, see usage a. ); [ina l]i-ba-a-ni Sa DN (in broken context) LAS 292. ABL 1014 r. 15f. (NA), see Parpola Refs. v. ; Holma, ZA 32 39.

82 r. 13; he (the rebel king) me as king la-bi-in ap-pi (represented in) crouched down upon the wall of his city ina temeqi sulle la-ban ap-pi ibid. ), cf. ), and of. AnSt 8 46 i 18; ina le-bi-en ap-pi Aa ana beli ... palii utaqqi with the gestures of humility with which he was waiting respectfully upon the lord Hinke Kudurru ii 10. ] ta-la-bi-in AfO 12 143 r. ), cf. gamas leqe al-bi-in ap-pu STT 231:19; ana zikribu qabe i ni-il-bi-in ap-pa En. el. ); al-bi-in ap-pi atta'id illussun uSdpd danniis: sunu Streck Asb.

Hurdsa namri 4-Sa-al-bi-is ibid. ), cf. (said of a table) esmard ebbu iz-albi KAV 171:7 and 25 (Sin-Aar-iskun); mus ui-ga-al-bi-iS-ma hbuSd ert ... tiri kaspi ebbi ... ), cf. muBhude sdriri zi-Sal-big ibid. ); doors erenamru z-d- to il--ba-as), see mng. , occur. To put on clothing thus seems to be expressed by litbusu (reflexive), the transitive meaning "to clothe" by lubbudu and only rarely, mostly in the meaning "to coat, cover," by sulbuu. " The perfect of the reflexive litbusu is ittalbag, just as mithuru has as perfect ittamhar.

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