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When impeded in their progress, these people suddenly ceased muttering, but re-doubled their gesticulations, and awaited, with an absent and overdone smile upon the lips, the course of the persons impeding them. If jostled, they bowed profusely to the jostlers, and appeared overwhelmed with confusion. - There was nothing very distinctive about these two large classes beyond what I have French awaited: attendu, attendîtes, attendit, attendis, attendirent, attendîmes. cigar: cigare. contemplation: contemplation.

Equip: équiper, équipe, équipez, équipons, équipent, équipes. exclaimed: exclamas, exclamâtes, exclamé, exclama, exclamai, exclamâmes, exclamèrent. fright: peur, effroi, anxiété, frayeur, terreur. gorgeously: de manière magnifique, de façon magnifique. lowering: abaissement, baissant. majesty: majesté, seigneurie. proceeded: procédas, procédâtes, procédâmes, procédèrent, procédai, procéda, procédé, avançâtes, avancé, avançâmes, avançai. resemblance: ressemblance. savage: sauvage. tasted: goûté.

I would have won for the Arch-Enemy Mr. Dammit’s little head--for the fact is, my mamma was very well aware of my merely temporary absence from home. French abide: demeurer, endurer, attendre, demeurent, endurent, demeures, demeurez, endure, demeure, endures, endurez. aroused: réveillai, réveilla, réveillèrent, réveillâtes, réveillas, réveillâmes, réveillé. beads: perle. bind: attacher, lier, relier, nouer. chronicle: chronique. condescended: condescendit, condescendu, condescendis, condescendirent, condescendîmes, condescendîtes.

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