By Da Duan, Paolo F Fantoni, Martine De Cock, Mike Nachtegael, Etienne E Kerre

FLINS, initially an acronym for Fuzzy good judgment and clever applied sciences in Nuclear technological know-how, is now prolonged to utilized synthetic Intelligence for utilized study. The contributions to the 7th within the sequence of FLINS meetings contained during this quantity conceal state of the art examine and improvement in utilized synthetic intelligence for utilized study normally and for power/nuclear engineering particularly.

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For very slow rates (less than about one per second), the pulses can be made to operate a relay-type recorder. For large rates, mechanical devices either fail completely or miss many counts. The response of an ionization chamber can be made sufficiently rapid so that a-particles arriving a t intervals of sec or less can be detected and the counting must then be made very efficient. A scaling unit, or scaler, is an electric device which selects precisely every mth pulse and passes it on to the recorder.

This analysis yields best values of the constants which are consistent with the entire body of present knowledge; '3' a partial list of these values is given in Appendix 11. 1) coul/gmequivalent weight. 00004) X grn, and the ratio of the mass of the proton to that of the electron is The values quoted for elm and m are correct provided that the speeds of the particles are very small compared with the speed of light. It will be seen in Chapter 6 that the mass of the electron increases with its speed; the value given above for the mass of the electron is called the rest mass and is often denoted by mo.

Although this is only & of the presently accepted value, it served to indicate the order of magnitude of the electronic charge. 19 20 ATOMS, ELECTRONS, AND RADIATIONS [CHAP. 2 Faraday's experiments alone yield no certain information about the quantit,~of electricity represented by one electron, but they do give precise information about the ratio of the ionic charge to the mass of the atom with which it is associated in a given solution. For hydrogen, this ratio is 2-2 The conduction of electricity in gases.

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