By Istvan Benedek, Mikhail M. Feldstein

Offering the end-use and alertness applied sciences of pressure-sensitive adhesives and items, quantity 3 of the Handbook of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Products discusses the increase and sessions of pressure-sensitive items, the most representatives of pressure-sensitive items, and their software domain names. It divides the most product periods of solvent-based, water-based, and hot-melt-based formulations by means of their debonding features and water and temperature resistance, and illustrates build-up by means of adhesive-coated, adhesiveless, carrierless, and linerless pressure-sensitive items. It offers software know-how, apparatus, and novel items comparable to RFID, scientific, and labels, in addition to the self-adhesive rivals of pressure-sensitive items. It additionally lists expert corporations and providers, in addition to the most literature assets.

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By l aminating, LDPE is applied on paper with a c oating weight of 10–20 g/m2 [29]. 16 is recommended [30]. For special end uses, where transparency of a pa rtially delaminated multilayer label is required, paper/Ālm laminates with the PE Ālm as medium layer are suggested. A white opaque PP Ālm overlaminated with PET is used for labeling of soft d rinks. Metallized paper and laminated metallic Ālms are also used as face stock for labels [31]. Since 1981, there has been a t rend to re place aluminium/paper laminates with metallized papers.

75 g/cm3. 5 kg/cm and demonstrates twice the resistance o f a c ommon P U Ālm after w eather-o-meter e xposure. C arrierless U V-curable tapes with microspheres that are useful for sealing windows or bonding side mouldings onto automobiles contain microspheres and aerosil. Such tapes are UV cured on PET. For such products hydrophobic silica improves the adhesive properties. In some applications t he PSA is coated Ārst on a flexible PU, acrylic, or other foam and then laminated onto the carrier surface.

Such a coating is ne cessary b ecause hot me lts do not re lease e asily f rom t he nonadhesive side o f t he carrier material. In some cases a separate release Ālm (paper) should be interlaminated. Double-side-coated tapes are products of this type. Like labels, a primary classiĀcation of tapes is based on their general or special characteristics. According to t heir carrier material, tapes may be divided into paper-based, Ālm-based, and textile-based tapes. The textile carrier used may be woven or nonwoven.

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