By Nora Clark

Aphrodite and Venus in fantasy and Mimesis is a wide, versatile resource ebook of comparative literature and cultural experiences. It promotes the wide-ranging presence and influence of famous idiosyncratic personalities in fabled goddess mythology and its emphatic notions of endearment and attract. The ebook brings jointly seven-hundred said resources drawn from successive historic, worldwide and literary eras, together with critical commentaries, besides genuine info and demanding renditions in artwork, prose and verse, inside and past mainstream western tradition. A long, specific advent offers a copious documented preview of the manageable version and mimesis of 'divine' characterization and its respective centrality from the lengthy far-off earlier to the current day. fable, hardly ever latent, demonstrates various modes of expression and open-ended flexibility in the course of the six entire chapters which light up and probe, in flip, features of the ideological presence, sensibilities, trials and triumphs and interventions of the goddess, no matter if sacred or profane. specific literary extracts and episodes variety throughout old cultures along particularly fresh expressions of hermeneutics, mixing delusion with the modern within the multi-layered reception or admonishment of the goddess, no matter if by means of one designation or the opposite. As such, this publication is entirely correct to all phases of the evolution and growth of a dynamic eu literary tradition and its major authors and personalities.

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His fictional novel True History, about a fantastic journey to the Moon and Venus, was a futuristic exercise. His authorship of De Dea Syria [On the Syrian Goddess] and the Amores. (Erotes is also attributed to a Pseudo-Lucian, since Lucianos’s fluency in the Attic dialect was questionable). On the Syrian Goddess is a Latin work in the sub-dialect Ionic Greek style of Herodotus. It gives a specific description of religious cult practices in Hierapolis in Syria, with mass worship centring upon the rich sanctuary of the goddess, the Ionic Temple architecture, male votive figures, orgiastic and divination rituals, festivities and sacred professions.

86 Pindaric odes are as much pure poetry as celebration of victor and venue. His handling of grand sentiment and bold metaphor dignify the victors and, as the ode below demonstrates, uphold the heroic character in a glorious tradition, revived in English translation by Sir John Edwin Sandys (1844–1922), Cambridge claccisist with honorary doctorates from Dublin, Edinburgh, Oxford and Athens. These odes reflect the songster’s poetic ties with Acragas, its powerful Sicilian royalty and Prince Thrasybulus: “Isthmian Ode II” FOR XENOCRATES OF ACRAGAS WINNER IN THE CHARIOT-RACE, (c.

72 A Cypriot tradition delineates Themisto, a native of Cyprus, as mother of Homer. –170 BC) has this to say: But the Cyprians, who also claim Homer as their own, say that Themisto, one of their native women, was the mother of Homer, and that Euclus foretold the birth of Homer in the following verses:— And then in sea-girt Cyprus, there will be a mighty singer Whom Themisto, lady fair, shall bear in the fields, A man of renown, far from rich Salamis. Leaving Cyprus, tossed and wetted by the waves, The first and only poet to sing of the woes of spacious Greece, For ever shall he be deathless and ageless.

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