By Willis Barnstone

Historical Greek Lyrics collects Willis Barnstone's dependent translations of Greek lyric poetry -- together with the main entire Sappho in English, newly translated. This quantity incorporates a consultant sampling of all of the major poets, from Archilochos, within the seventh century BCE, via Pindar and the opposite nice singers of the classical age, all the way down to the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine classes. William E. McCulloh's advent illuminates the kinds and improvement of the Greek lyric whereas Barnstone offers a quick biographical and literary cartoon for every one poet and provides a considerable creation to Sappho -- revised for this version -- entire with notes and resources. A thesaurus and up to date bibliography are integrated.

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Eliot translating Saint-Jean Perse or Mallarmé translating Poe or the scholars of the King James Version translating the psalms, the result may indeed be superior—or at the very least equal. Only one thing is certain: the poem in translation will be different. The translator’s task, then, is to produce a faithful forgery. The quality and resemblance of the new product to the old lie somewhere between such fidelity and fraud. But it is said that certain memorable lines or phrases cannot be expressed in any other language.

Life and Death Later we will have a long time to lie dead yet the few years we have now we live badly. Remembrance of the Dead If we were sensible we would not spend more than a day of sorrow for the dead. On Matrimony Man gets nothing brighter than a kind wife and nothing more chilling than a bad hag. ” Yet few who hear these words take them into their heart, for hope is rooted in every youthful soul, the lovely flower of youth grows tall with color, life will have no end, or there is no place for growing old, for death; and while in health, no fear of foul disease.

Poor fools! in islands of illusion, for men have but a day of youth and life. You few who understand, know when death is near the food you give your soul must be supreme. * Ascribed by Edmonds to Semonides. The “blind poet” is Homer. 22 The Greek Period Terpandros Traditionally regarded as the first to make the choral lyric a developed art form, Terpandros was a fellow countryman of Alkaios and Sappho. But he was earlier by about a generation (his period of activity was the middle of the seventh century bce) and seems to have worked chiefly at Sparta, where he only briefly preceded Alkman.

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