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Dictionary of Race, Ethnicity and Culture

Race, ethnicity and tradition are strategies which are interpreted in numerous and sometimes contradictory methods. This Dictionary of Race, Ethnicity and tradition presents the old heritage and etymology of a large variety of phrases relating to those strategies, discourses of race, ethnicity and tradition from a largely multicultural point of view.

The Clouds (Webster's French Thesaurus Edition)

This version is written in English. although, there's a operating French word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous versions of The Clouds. This version will be invaluable if you want

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A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic of the Byzantine Period

Because the heart a while, lexographies of Talmudic and different rabbinic literature have mixed in a single access Babylonian, Palestinian, and Targumic phrases from a variety of sessions. simply because morphologically exact phrases in even heavily similar dialects can usually fluctuate in either which means and nuance, their consolidation into one dictionary access is usually deceptive.

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Provoke; (n) lattice. baize: (n) fabric, cloth, textile, bay. indifferently: (adv) carelessly, coldly, cupola: (adj, n) dome; (adj) turret, nonchalantly, listlessly, column, campanile, tower, minaret; unconcernedly, uninterestedly, (n) furnace, eaves, balcony, cupola neutrally, middlingly, casually, furnace, lookout. unbiasedly, disinterestedly. foggy: (adj) hazy, misty, brumous, ANTONYMS: (adv) passionately, murky, blurred, bleary, fuzzy, obsessively, carefully, eagerly, opaque, thick, indefinite, nebulous.

This suspense, I know, is telling upon all of you; but it is now our intention to make an end of it. Poole, here, and I are going to force our way into the cabinet. If all is well, my shoulders are broad enough to bear the blame. Meanwhile, lest anything should really be amiss, or any malefactor seek to escape by the back, you and the boy must go round the corner with a pair of good sticks and take your post at the laboratory door. " As Bradshaw left, the lawyer looked at his watch. "And now, Poole, let us get to ours," he said; and taking the poker under his arm, led the way into the yard.

Robert Louis Stevenson 45 because it was not pure, and another order to a different firm. " asked Mr. % Poole felt in his pocket and handed out a crumpled note, which the lawyer, bending nearer to the candle, carefully examined. Its contents ran thus: "Dr. Jekyll presents his compliments to Messrs. Maw. He assures them that their last sample is impure and quite useless for his present purpose. In the year 18 -- , Dr. J. purchased a somewhat large quantity from Messrs. M. He now begs them to search with the most sedulous care, and should any of the same quality be left, to forward it to him at once.

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