By Richard Walker

Readers embark on a lovely voyage via human biology and become aware of the body’s bits and bobs as they’ve by no means noticeable them ahead of. starting with the fundamental development blocks, carrying on with to the physique in motion, and concluding with the body’s structures, it is a compact and entire examine the sweetness that's the human computer.

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A set of 23 chromosomes contains A the instructions, called genes, required to build and run cells and, therefore, the human body. Every chromosome carries many genes. Each gene consists of a short section of the long, coiled DNA molecule that makes up the chromosome. A gene’s DNA holds the coded information needed to make one of the many proteins that make your body work. Computer model of a chromosome How are identical twins the same? When humans reproduce, slightly different DNA instructions from each parent come together in the fertilized egg to create a unique individual.

Genetic instructions from both parents combine to produce a new individual. The female reproductive system also provides a safe place for the baby to develop during the nine months of pregnancy. Fallopian tube carries egg from the ovary to the uterus Ovaries produce and store eggs, then release them Male reproductive system Ductus deferens carries sperm from testes Seminal vesicles and prostate gland release fluids that feed and activate sperm Urethra carries sperm to the outside Testes hang outside the body in a skin pouch 52 Penis transfers sperm to the vagina Q Where are sperm made?

A Your body has an army of powerful defenders. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that “remember” a germ’s identity and release disease-fighting chemicals called antibodies to target specific germs. Antibodies do not destroy germs; they bind to their prey and mark them for destruction by macrophages. Macrophage (gold) attacking bacteria (blue) 49 Life story What is fertilization? How are identical twins the same? Why is my body changing? Why don’t we live forever? 52 54 56 58 Q Where does fertilization occur?

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