By Rainer Mahrwald

Aldol Reactions offers a accomplished up to date review of aldol reactions including:

  • Application of alternative steel enolates
  • Catalytic aldol additions catalyzed by way of various Lewis acids and Lewis bases
  • Enantioselective direct aldol additions
  • Antibodies and enzyme catalyzed aldol additions
  • The contemporary competitive improvement of organocatalyzed aldol additions.

The energy of every process is tested by way of a number of functions in overall synthesis of normal items. the professionals and cons of those methodologies with reference to stereoselectivity, regioselectivity and alertness in overall synthesis of typical items are mentioned. nice significance is decided to the varied chances of the guide of aldol response to put in required configurations in complex average product synthesis.

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63 The α-oxygen-containing aldehyde 71 was deployed in a convergent total synthesis of pteridic acid A. r. 16 Total synthesis of australine O OHC + O O OTES OTPS OBn 68 69 Cy2BCl, Et3N O OR 8 O 1 70 O HO OTES OBn OTPS 1 8 N HO HO H OH reliability of the boron enolate aldol methodology. 5-induction65 during boron enolate aldol additions was investigated by Evans and coworkers. r. 5-induction in boron enolate aldol additions. g. 68 The C1–C11 subunit of tedanolide was constructed by a boron enolate aldol step.

I-Pr2 NEt 3. 44 For the development and application of chiral oxadiazinones in enantioselective titanium enolate aldol reactions see Casper et al. 45 Chiral titanium(IV) alkoxides were used for the synthesis of optically active β-hydroxy ketones. Duthaler and coworkers generated chiral titanium enolates by transmetallation of lithium enolates of propionate with CpTi(OR2)2Cl (R2: 1, 2:5,6-di-O-isopropylidene-α-d-glucofuranose). 47,48,49,50,51 Some spectacular examples are illustrated in the following schemes in order to demonstrate the power and selectivity of these transformations.

Ribes C, Falomir E, Carda M, Marco JA (2007) Org Lett 9:77 63. Marco JA, Carda M, Díaz-Oltra S, Murga J, Falomir E, Roeper H (2003) J Org Chem 68:8577 64. Paterson I, Anderson EA, Findlay AD, Knappy CS (2008) Tetrahedron 64:4768 65. Mahrwald R (1999) Chem Rev 99:1095 66. Evans DA, Burch JD, Hu E, Jaeschke G (2008) Tetrahedron 64:4671 67. Evans DA, Siska SJ, Cee VJ (2003) Angew Chem Int Ed 42:1761 68. Evans DA, Starr JT (2004) Angew Chem Int Ed 41:1787 69. Loh TP, Feng LC (2001) Tetrahedron Lett 42:6001 70.

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