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Although Anglican is of Victorian origin as a term, it is still more accurately descriptive, if anachronistic, than any other term in ordinary usage. Confining the term Church of England to meaning the church as a public and legal institution rather than a faith contributed clarity to political discussion but eliminated a synonym for Anglican. Conformist made sense, at least under Elizabeth I, when a broad Page xiv spectrum of Puritan life and thought remained formally within the Church of England, but less and less sense under the Stuarts.

7. McGee, The Godly Man, esp. Chaps. 3, 4, and 5. Chapter 3 deals with divergent emphases between Anglicans and Puritans concerning the Ten Commandments, whereas 4 and 5 deal with the divergent emphases concerning the fruits of conversion. McGee's view that the common ground between Anglican and Puritan was broad while the differences were sharp is compelling. Page 11 and that, this and then this and then this. Contiguity relationships foster and reinforce themselves, formally leaving out at the beginning (while seeming to explain away) similarity or other relationships.

Finally, both Anglican and Puritan were (and are) sufficiently broad and inclusive terms to allow us to examine the Renaissance English religious scene as a whole, our aim. So we have accepted some anachronicity ("Anglican") and some imprecision ("Puritan"). Our attempt to scrutinize English religious culture as a whole has also influenced our choice of texts. It would have been possible to choose any number of pamphleteers, minor poets, lesser sermonizers, or authors of religious tracts, and this has been done by serious scholars in writing important books, which then provide invaluable checks and balances.

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