By A. Gal (auth.), Michel Baranger, Erich Vogt (eds.)

Review articles on 3 issues of substantial present curiosity make up the current quantity. the 1st, on A-hypernuclei, used to be solicited by way of the editors with a view to supply nuclear physicists with a common description of the latest advancements in a box which this viewers has mostly overlooked or, probably, considered as a novelty within which a strange nuclear procedure gave a few information regarding the lambda-nuclear intersection. That view used to be by no means legitimate. The very contemporary advancements reviewed here-particularly these touching on hypernuclear excitations and the strangeness trade reactions-emphasize that this box presents very important information regarding the versions and primary rules of nuclear physics. The off-shell habit of the nucleon-nucleon interplay is a subject which was once initially got with a few embarrassment, abuse, and forget, however it has lately won right cognizance in lots of nuclear difficulties. curiosity used to be first concerned about it in nuclear many-body idea, however it threatened nuclear physicists'comfortable feeling approximately nonrelativistic capability concept, and plenty of doubtless was hoping that it will stay only an esoteric diversion in the many-body cult. within the editors' opinion, this topic is now emi­ nently good and a assessment of it certainly well timed. The 3rd subject, nuclear cost distributions, is one that virtually each nuclear physicist believed were weIl in hand for a few years.

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53)]. The problem, however, is quite complicated since for realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions 36 A. Gal it is difficult to obtain good evaluated values for both nuclear binding energy and nuclear size simultaneously. The correct nuclear size is tremendously important for obtaining [by folding, as above-Eq. (44)] a meaningful zl-nucleus interaction ; a compressed nucleus would lead to an overattractive A-nucleus force, which would result in overshooting BA appreciably. For this reason the simple rigid core approximation, in which the A-nucleus potential is constructed from an experimentally deduced nuclear density e(r), may give results which are considerably better than expected.

As a result, the central-central component of Eq. (24) for the effective AN s-wave interaction, proportional to (3 -2aA • aN)P(r), should actually weigh, with respect to the tensor-tensor component proportional to (6 + 2a A • aN)Y2(r)T2(r), about five times more than Eq. (24) suggests. Yet, in actual calculations, this central-central component makes an almost negligible contribution and hence VAl: in Eq. (21) may for all practical purposes be taken as a tensor interaction. The situation is different for coupling AN and EN channels via (} exchange since the central part of such a VAl: interaction is strong.

Weil depth in nuclear matter gives, according to Eq. (34), a significant overbinding . For a central, smooth , 26 A. 5 fm . Since Ae(O):=::::! 17 frrr", a value of DA "-' 60 ± 5 MeV is obtained, in gross disagreement with the phenomenological value given above. The use of a larger value for b, as indicated by scattering results, would increase the above value to 80 MeV. Allowing for some spin dependence of the AN potential, consistent with Ap scattering data, does not alleviate this discrepancy.

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