By Kenji Satake

This quantity thirteen covers, The foreign Laser Ranging carrier (Pearlman et al.); Numerical Modeling of the 2006 Java Tsunami Earthquake (Hanifa et al.); and Statistical homes and Time development within the variety of Holocene Volcanic Eruptions. (Zemtsov & Tron).

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6) and overall high 87 Sr/86 Sr ratios in the Arita– Imari magmas (Table 1, Fig. 7(a)). 7,11,38,39 For example, a Kuro-dake basalt (Table 1: NAG02026), showing typical OIB-like trace element patterns (Figs. 70487) than many other andesites and rhyolites (Table 1, Fig. 7(a)). On the other hand, three basaltic samples from the Jinroku-yama area, which are among the most Sr–Nd isotopically depleted (Table 1, Fig. 7(a)), show relatively high 206 Pb/204 Pb and 208 Pb/204 Pb and low HFSE as compared to the basalts (Figs.

The basalts show OIB-like geochemical affinity, their isotopic compositions suggesting a range EM1-like asthenospheric sources and with superimposed effects of EM2-like lithospheric mantle or crustal components; the relatively high LILE/HFSE ratios in the latter, suggest either the presence of crustal material in lithospheric source regions or its assimilation during magmatic ascent and emplacement. Both of the EM isotopic endmembers show a strong spatial dependence in the basalts, suggesting FA December 10, 2008 15:45 AOGS 2007 - SE Volume 52 9in x 6in b672-V13-ch04 N.

For the analysis of Sr, Nd, and Pb isotopic compositions, 1–2 mm chipped samples were cleaned ultrasonically for about 30 mins, then dried and ground in an agate mill. All the acids and the water used during chemical work were certified TAMA-Pure AA-10 grade. Approximately, 50 mg aliquots of powder were dissolved in concentrated HNO3 and HF (ratio 1:2), re-dissolved in HNO3 before being evaporated. 20 Nd, Sr, and Pb isotopic ratios were measured in a multicollector VG Sector 54 thermal ionization mass spectrometer (TIMS) at the GSJ.

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