By Susan Glass

This ebook explains how species have tailored to their atmosphere over the years as a way to survive.

summary: This ebook explains how species have tailored to their setting over the years for you to live on

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Some plants and animals have not been able to adapt to their rapidly changing or disappearing environments. Some have become endangered, and others have become extinct. And while extinction is part of Darwin’s natural selection process, the recent increase in the extinction of species is believed to be due to human behavior, not nature. It is important that humans understand the effect they have on the survival of other species. Guaranteeing a wonderfully diverse world for the future begins with choices made today.

Having a slick or waxy covering keeps some plants from being buried under mounds of snow. For example, snowflakes slide right across the shiny leaves of the mountain alder. Antarctica’s chilly waters support a surprising amount of plant and animal life. Phytoplankton support a dense population of tiny shrimplike krill, which in turn feed many larger animals like penguins, whales, and seals. A hundred feet down in the water, food is scarce and temperatures are frigid. Animals have adapted by slowing their bodies down so they don’t require as much food and heat energy.

34 Reproduction ● ● ● Since plants can’t move around the way animals do, some have adaptations to get animals to spread pollen so the plants can reproduce. Plants are masters at tricking animals. The colors, fragrances, and sweet nectars of flowers attract insects and other animals. The animals travel from flower to flower, unknowingly collecting and dropping off pollen as they go. The rafflesia flower smells like rotting dead animals. Why? Its stink attracts hungry flies that then spread pollen for the plant.

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