By James F. Kwiatkowski

Offers topical study within the learn of activated carbon, consisting of themes equivalent to the skin chemistry of activated carbons and as catalyst helps; thermal processing of activated carbons from agro-industrial wastes; activated carbon as a steel oxide aid; and, extra.

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Khataee, S. Aber, M. Zarei and M. 2. Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) GAC has particle size larger than PAC. At least 90% of its weight is retained on a 180-μm (80 mesh) standard sieve [103]. GAC is suitable for column adsorption. Although it has lower specific surface area compared with PAC, it is widely used in the treatment of aqueous and gaseous polluted streams. The most of potentially active adsorption sites are confined in the inside of carbon particles of GAC, and so it has lower surface area compared with PAC and ACF.

5 nm was used to remove PVA from solution [81]. PVA adsorption on PAC follows pseudo-second-order kinetics and external mass transfer is the step which controls the rate of the adsorption. 1). This kind of isotherm is appeared when the adsorbate species are large or ionic and there is high affinity between adsorbent and adsorbate [81]. In this situation, the most of adsorption sites are occupied in low adsorbate concentrations and by increasing its concentration, a decreasing number of adsorption sites are available for adsorption [81].

Humbert et al. e. 0 mg L-1. Anion exchange resins remove DOC up to 75% after 30 min contact time. Application of PAC after resin step, only slightly improves DOC removal efficiency. Experiments with high (200 mg L-1) and low (1 mg L-1) pesticide concentrations show the increased removal of both pesticides using simultaneous or successive (first resin then PAC) combination of anion exchange resin and PAC compared to PAC alone. Jia et al. [84] have studied the effect of air bubbling agitation on the adsorption of atrazine from aqueous solutions by PAC.

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