By Robert Gardner

Young scientists will discover primary chemical rules and find out about what occurs whilst an acid and a base combine and which solids are stable conductors of electrical energy. Many enjoyable experiments are nice principles scholars can use for technology reasonable tasks.

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How do the temperatures compare? Can you explain any differences? How does the air temperature over blacktop compare with the air temperature over a grassy area nearby? How does the temperature in a sunny area compare with the temperature in a shady place? During the same day, measure the temperature on the east and west side of the building. Do this at different times of the same day. How do these temperatures compare? Can you explain any differences? If it is spring or fall when the building is not being heated or cooled, measure some temperatures inside.

The candy box on the bottom has twice the volume of the other but also contains twice as many candies. As a result, both these boxes have the same mass-to-volume ratio. Thus both candy boxes have the same density. Measure the length and width of the metal in centimeters (cm). Place the metal in the container and cover it with vinegar. Allow the metal to remain in the vinegar until all the zinc that forms the coating has reacted with the acid. You can tell that the reaction is complete when no more hydrogen gas bubbles form.

Do not put anything with ammonia in it near or in your mouth. Tell your friends and/or family that you can change red liquid to green liquid and then back to red again. ” Do some research to add more chemical “magic” until you have a show that you can use to entertain friends, classmates, and students in lower grades. 3 What Happens When an Acid and a Base Mix? Materials: white vinegar measuring teaspoon or graduated cylinder small jar or beaker red cabbage juice eyedropper water spoon or other stirring device clear household ammonia baking soda pan or sink One characteristic of acids and bases is their ability to neutralize one another.

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