By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

Welcome to a South American rain woodland! As you push your means in the course of the thick, eco-friendly jungle, you notice, listen, and suppose the flora and fauna. Howler monkeys screech overhead as they munch on leaves. Antbirds swoop via looking for tasty insects. Day and evening within the rain woodland, the search is directly to locate food--and to prevent changing into a person else's subsequent meal. All dwelling issues are attached to each other in a nutrition chain, from animal to animal, animal to plant, plant to insect, and bug to animal. What course will you're taking to stick with the foodstuff chain throughout the rain wooded area? Will you ... Crouch within the shadows with a jaguar? Slither during the leaves with an anaconda? Lurk within the jungle evening with a tarantula? stick to all 3 chains and plenty of extra in this who-eats-what event!

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To find out r what the fungus and othe decomposers of the rain e 32. forest are like, tur n to pag Giant Monkey Frog 54 (Phyllomedusa bicolor) High up in the canopy, the giant monkey frog clings to a leaf. She’ll spend her whole life up here. Frogs in North America are often found in ponds and other bodies of water. But in the rain forests of South America, frogs are mostly found up in the trees. The rain forest air is full of moisture. So the frogs can stay wet without worrying about predators on the ground and in the water.

There they chew them up and then mix the pulp with poop. Out of the mix grows a special fungus. The fungus is the ants’ only food, and without the leaves, it won’t grow. The ant queen lives in the underground nest. She started the colony, and she lays all the eggs. The colony may grow to more than five million ants. A colony with that many leaf-cutter ants can pluck a tree bare in just a few hours—one piece of a leaf at a time. Last night for dinner, the ants cut leaves from . . Gua rd Ant s Leaf-cutter ant colonies also include guard ants.

Yu m m y Tree s bar may be Did you know that your chocolate e grows from the rain forest? The cacao tre are cocoa huge pods full of seeds. The seeds ts in goodbeans and are the key ingredien tree also quality chocolate. The brazil nut out for the produces a tasty treat. But watch zil nuts nuts while you’re in the forest! Bra ograms). 3 kil the trees, When the heavy nuts drop from than 50 miles they can hit the ground at more s break (80 kilometers) per hour. The nut seeds. open, and they are full of edible .

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