By M. J. Economides

This workbook is a pragmatic better half to the second one version of the textbook Reservoir Stimulation. the 2 books are meant for use jointly. This new quantity will be relatively invaluable for the educational of latest engineers and petroleum engineering scholars, because it comprises nearly a hundred difficulties and their suggestions, plus a long bankruptcy giving facts invaluable for designing a stimulation therapy. Chapters are integrated containing useful difficulties on reservoir and good concerns, rock mechanics, fracturing fluids and proppants, fracture calibration remedies, layout and modeling of propped fractures, evaluate of fracture remedies, layout of matrix remedies, diversion and therapy review, layout and function of acid fractures and stimulation of horizontal wells. those chapters are categorised with letters from A to J to differentiate them from their better half chapters in Reservoir Stimulation. Equations, figures and tables from the textbook are talked about within the workbook yet usually are not reproduced.

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8-6 and 8-8, qw,gr,is 75 STB/d and 93 STB/d, respectively. Finally, from Eq. 05) (1000) = 15. xr = 1000 ft. Figure E-2 is the I-yr transient IPR for three fracture halflengths: xf= 500 ft, xf= 1000 ft, and xr= 1500 ft (from Example E- 1 ). 7000 6000 i=v) 5000 L d n! -K 6 2000 iT 1000 0 50 100 150 200 Producing Rate, 9 (STB/d) Figure E-2-Transient IPR curves for Example E-2. tubing. The is 300 SCF/STB, and the wellhead pressure is 0 psi. What would be the producing rates after I yr for x f = 500, 1000 and 1500 ft?

E- 1 PRACTICAL COMPANION TO RESERVOIR STIMULATION 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 100 200 300 400 Producing Rate, q (STB/d) Figure E-1-Transient E-2 IPR curves for Example E-1. 500 600 DESIGN AND MODELING OF PROPPED FRACTURES EXAMPLE E-2 IPR Curves with x,Variation Construct transient IPR curves for the 1-yr time for fracture half-lengths equal to 500 and 1000 ft. Use all other variables as in Example E- I . Solution (Ref. 1) For this example the FcD value is different for each fracture length.

C- 1 I , the Reynold's number is then calculated: and in oilfield units, 4 (C- 19) = 453 psi. 1)' 3 (C-22) Figure C-3 is a plot of the expected pressure drops. Clearly, the laminar and turbulent flow regimes are indicated by the sharp bend in the results. These values are likely to be significantly lower in an actual operation because of the liberal use of friction reducing agents. FRACTURING FLUIDS AND PROPPANTS 10000 f c 1000 c 100 f 10 100 1 Injection Rate (BPM) Figure C-3-Friction pressure drops for Example C-4.

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