By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

Utilizing a game-like layout, this booklet illustrates the interplay of vegetation and animals within the Asian mangrove woodland. The books a variety of tale paths display the advanced and mild nutrients internet of the mangrove wooded area. attractive textual content and bright layout aid express key curricular ideas relating to nutrients webs and biomes.

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It’s safer here in the trees over the river. If a predator—a snake, lizard, or bird— threatens them in the night, they can simply drop to the water below and swim to safety. When the macaques wake in the morning, they’ll head back out to look for leaves and food. And hopefully they won’t run into the other macaque troop again. Last night for dinner, the long-tailed macaque nibbled . . M on ke y Pe st Long-tailed macaques are not end angered, but they are frequently hunted and killed. Some people hunt them for food.

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42 The lizard teeters but doesn’t fall. More archerfish start shooting. The lizard wobbles and falls off the root. The archerfish jumps and opens his wide mouth to catch the lizard. But he falls back to the water with an empty mouth. Another fish snagged the lizard. The archerfish swims on. A slug crawls on the edge of a leaf. The archerfish moves underneath it. 5 meters) away, but he’s most accurate if he’s directly under his prey. But before he can aim, another archerfish leaps out of the water and gulps down the slug.

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