By Monica Macaulay

This can be the 1st entire grammar of any number of Mixtec written for linguists. It offers theoretically expert (generative) description and research of the phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and lexical semantics of this dialect, located within the broader context of Mixtecan and Otomanguean languages. Texts and a lexicon (Mixtec-English/English-Mixtec, 1,500 phrases) are integrated in addition.

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R! )~ cyaa/a baf{aaliin; huwa bari minhum. His kids are bad; he has nothing to do with them. 2. harmless. ,? r-! ~~ yaahil bari innocent child. o~lr. baraa'a {ilac baraa'a. guilty. guiltlessness. r. ;~ braag t_ lr, braag bragh (Kuwaiti dish made up of rolled grape leaves with rice and meat). fr!. ybarbir) to chatter, talk aimlessly. J-:-!. r. ~ Ju L.. ma gaal sayy; bass raad ybarbir. He did not say anything; he just wanted to chatter. f. ) the Berbers. )~ brbr o~f. 1. Barbara (region along the coast of Somalia).

Fiik! God bless you! 2. to offer congratulations. ~ . ;b,. ,. yaana walad. halna yaw w-baarcaw lana. We had a baby boy. Our relatives came and congratulated us. r, baraad cool weather, cool air. ,)1 1-yoom baraad. It's cool today. ;)I~ ~I;. barraad p. -aat (more common in Qatar) supermarket. l lf. birca p. l f. birak pool, pond, ibJf. bruuda coldness, coolness. swimming pool. za yesterday. i 'ams is more common. i 'ams. ~ weather is colder today. 2. coldest, the coldest. i lu haaoa 'abra? yoom.

Private, non-governmental. ~i ....... o madrasa 'ahliyya private school. 3. r harb 'ahliyya civil war. ~~je mu'ahhilaat qualifications, credentials. t.. :s. bass 'acrifli-graaya w-li-ktaaba. ma cindi mu'ahhilaat fJaanya. I know only reading and I do not have any other writing. qualifications. J,. 'w Ji 'aw or. i__. ~li tabi haaoa 'aw oaak? Do you want this one or that one? (":J) walla IS more commonly used than } 'aw. J wll). J ,. 'wtyl J-o:i)i 'uteel pl. -aat hotel. -hilton the Hilton Hotel. ,~) )11 1-'uteelaat stawat gaalya.

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