By Seolim Publishing Company (compiler), Kim Seong June (translator)

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Is success or (not and) death. We have no a. in the matter. (b) Either of such pair or any one of such set. Either a. is, any of the aa. is, both aa. are, all the aa. are, intolerable. , are success and (not or) death. (c) The second of such pair, the first being in mind. We need not do it; but what is the a.? We must do it; there is no (not no other) a. The (not the other) a. is to die. (d) Some other of such a set, one at least being in mind. If we decline, what are the aa.? The only a. is to die.

The word, formerly common in various senses, has now given place to cumulative in most of them, retaining in ordinary use only the sense given to accumulating property, acquisitive. ace. See TOP, ACE, CRACK. achieve implies successful effort. Its use in on achieving the age of 21 is unsuitable and in officers achieving redundancy is absurd. act : acid test. See POPULARIZED TECHNI- CALITIES and HACKNEYED PHRASES. acknowledge(ment). For -dg(e)- ment see JUDGEMENT. acoustic. Pronunciation varies between -ow- and -6b-; the latter is perhaps commoner, and is preferred by the OED.

The neo-classical postulate of rationality and the concept of the entre- accent(uate). ) the long form is now sociological analysis of the goals of the much the commoner; in literal senses firm in relation to its nature as an (sound or write with an accent), though organization within the socio-political either will pass, the short prevails; system. and the differentiation is worth 2 . Strangeness of samples has been encouraging. shown to lead to relative rejection of acceptation. The words, products in the comparative absence of acceptance, used indifferently in several clues to a frame of reference within once are now fully differentiated.

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