During this really good remodeling of Lewis Spence's seminal Myths and Legends of the North American Indians, Jon E. Lewis places the paintings in context with an intensive new introductory essay and extra observation through the e-book at the background of local americans, their language and way of life, tradition and religion/mythology. He comprises examples of myths from tribes passed over by way of Spence, a advisor to tribes and their myths through area, a easy Lakota (Sioux) thesaurus, courses to key pronunciations and a bibliography.

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I’ll be heading back to the warehouse soon to stock up. Seed Men FIELD PLOUGHED FOR PLANTING. This episode comes from the myth of Jason, who had been dared to retrieve the Golden Fleece from the far-off land of Colchis (KOL-kis). Before Jason could even get to the grove where the Fleece was hanging, he had to face a series of challenges set by the king of Colchis. Fortunately for Jason, Hera (HEE-ruh) had persuaded her fellow goddess Aphrodite (a-fro-DYE-tee) to intervene on Jason’s behalf. The Goddess of Love arranged it so that the king’s daughter Medea (meh-DEE-uh) fell in love with Jason the minute she saw him.

If, however, you click the coin on your own head: CHARON That’s right, under the tongue it goes. Good show! He reveals his face to be a skull with glaring eyeballs. Climb aboard! CHARON You cross the river and climb out onto the far bank. If you 34 think to talk to Charon again: CHARON I’d avoid Sciron if I were you. But if you should run into him again…quit trying to use your head and use your foot. Charon remains on this side of the Styx so that you can come back to him to get this hint. ) When you enter from the exterior Hades Portal 1 (page 37) without dying first at Sciron (page 32), Charon is still on the other shore so you can’t cross the Styx from this direction.

Knock on the door, and it opens. KING Come in. (voice-over) Banquet BANQUET HALL. You enter and find yourself in a banquet hall, where the King from the Introductory Movie (twenty years older now) sits at the table with his Queen. This conjures up the situation that greeted Theseus (THEE-see-us) when he arrived in Athens to meet his father, King Aegeus (EE-joos), for the first time. The encounter was far from heartwarming. Theseus did not reveal his identity at first but was hailed as a hero by the Athenians, for he had rid the highway of notorious brigands like Sciron (SKY-ron) the robber.

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