By Jonamay Lambert, Selma Myers, Robie Grant, Suzanne Bay, Eileen Klockars

This selection of actions, self-assessments, and workouts is mainly helpful as a source to introduce the difficulty of clash and its solution as part of workshops on administration, management, verbal exchange, negotiation and variety.

The publication is absolutely reproducible and flexibly equipped in sections. half One contains twenty-five interactive crew studying actions to discover clash and supply perform in talents that aid to unravel it. half comprises twenty-five individualized routines and tests which are perfect for pre-work ahead of workforce education classes, or they are often dispensed to individuals for his or her personal self-development. the entire actions and checks are reproducible and comprise player fabrics and notes for the trainer

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2. Have the pairs reconvene, ask for their comments, and list them on the flipchart under the heading of Destructive Conflicts. ) 3. Then allow about 5–10 minutes for the paired participants to repeat the above process, this time discussing and writing down the aspects of conflict that they see as constructive. Repeat as above, listing on the flipchart the results of their work under the heading of Constructive Conflict. ) 4. Reconvene the group and lead a discussion on the destructive and constructive elements of conflict, asking questions such as: • • • • Which was easier to discuss and why?

Again, call a halt when it becomes obvious what is going on. 8. First, ask what was different about the second role play. ” 9. Reconvene the group and lead a general discussion on both role plays: • Were the instructions difficult to follow? If so, why? • Did anyone try to negotiate with the other party, or modify or change his or her position? • What were the outcomes? • Were there any surprises? • How do we become more flexible? 15 50 Activities for Conflict Resolution DEBRIEF: When two parties work on resolving a conflict, there has to be a good-faith approach that a comfortable resolution is the goal.

23 50 Activities for Conflict Resolution DEBRIEF: Stress is a normal part of conflict resolution. Learning to deal with stress begins by identifying the feelings associated with stress and using a variety of approaches to reduce stress. Try using some of the suggestions provided by other participants in this activity. TRAINER’S NOTES: If the participants need help in expressing feelings about stress and stress reduction, you might wish to draw from the following suggestions: Feelings Sometimes Associated with Stress Anger Disappointment Blame Sadness Guilt Feeling of being overwhelmed Ways to Overcome Stress Play music Keep a journal Rest Take a walk Talk to friends Go for a drive Eat right Cut back on caffeine Meditate Avoid alcohol Exercise Additional Things to Think About Finding out more about the situation Reviewing the situation objectively Accepting the situation as it is Drawing on past experiences Seeking advice Exploring different possible solutions 24 Introduction to Listening: A Self-Inventory 15–20 minutes PURPOSE: To help participants understand the importance of listening in a conflict situation, and to give participants an opportunity to assess their present listening skills.

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