By Matthäus Merian

Quadrupeds, birds, fishes, and bugs depicted realistically and fancifully, plus such myth creatures as unicorns, dragons, and basilisks. integral quantity of royalty-free snap shots for advertisement artists.

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He used to be Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, born in shame, exiled to perish at sea, fated to outlive at heavenly caprice -- till he met his love, defied the Gods and dared to struggle them or die.

She was once Andromeda, enslaved by way of her personal good looks which beggared the heavens and taken a curse upon her urban, her domestic, her middle. .. .until Perseus accredited the Devil's personal problem, spoke back the lethal riddle and rode forth on his winged horse Pegasus to say his love and to stand the final of the Titans, armed basically with a bloody hand, a witche's curse, and a severed head. ..

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Lrazer: "\\ e need not, uith some enquirers in ancient and modern times, suppose that the Western peoples borrowed from the older civilization of the Orient the conception of the Dying and Reviving God, together with the solemn ritual, in which that conception was dramatically set forth before the eyes of the worshippers. More probably the resemblance which may be traced in this respect between the religions of the East and West is no more than what we commonly, though incorrectly, call a fortuitous coincidence, the effect of similar causes acting alike on the similar constitution of the human mind in different combines and imtLer dill ere ill.

This is the way from Oedipus to Hamlet. "O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that 1 have bad dreams" (Hamlet II. ii). "All neurotics," writes Dr. " And as for the case of the daughter (which is one degree more complicated), the following passage will suffice tor the present thumbnail exposition. "I dreamed last night that my father stabbed my mother in the heart. She died. I knew no one blamed him for what he did, although 1 was crying bitterly.

The tradition of the "subjectively known forms'' (Sanskrit: antarjneya-rupa) is, in fact, coextensive with the tradition of myth, and is the key to the understanding and use of mythological images—as will appear abundantly in the following chapters. " The word altjira means: (a) a dream, (b) ancestor, beings who appear in the dream, (c) a story (Roheim, The Eternal Ones of the Dream, pp. 210-211). 20 It must be noted against Professor Toynbee, however, that he seriously misrepresents the mythological scene when he advertises Christianity as the only religion teaching this second task.

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